Brownie in a Cup

Low Carb

Nutritional value
So many calories & Macro nutrients has a portion
21 gCarbohydrates
28 gProteine
20 gFat
Ingredient list for 1 portion
1.00 tablespoon
stevia sweetener (10g)
1.00 teaspoon
baking powder (5g)
1.00 teaspoon
cocoa powder, unsweetened (5g)
1.00 piece
egg (63g)
0.25 cup
almond milk (56.25g)
1.00 tablespoon
coconut flour (10g)
0.33 cup
chocolate protein powder (3.3g)
1.00 tablespoon
dark chocolate, 90-96% cocoa (10g)
To the video the individual steps also here for you
Heat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius / 350 degrees Fahrenheit / Gas Mark 4.
First mix all dry ingredients in a bowl (protein powder, coconut flour, stevia, baking powder, cocoa powder)
Beat the egg in a bowl, pour in the milk, and mix well. If the consistency turns too thick, you can optionally add another tablespoon of almond milk.
Cut the dark chocolate bar into small pieces and add them to the dough mass.
Pour this mixture into a suitable cup and bake this for 12-15 minutes.
Remove the brownie from the oven and serve it. Optionally, you can add a scoop of yogurt.