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Cottage cheese pancakes with smoked salmon

Nutritional value
So many calories & Macro nutrients has a portion
6 gCarbohydrates
38 gProteine
30 gFat
Ingredient list for 1 portion
0.50 cup
cottage cheese
1.00 pinch
salt (0.04g)
1.00 teaspoon
psyllium husk powder (5g)
1.00 teaspoon
coconut oil (4.5g)
1.00 piece
smoked salmon (30g)
3.00 teaspoon
cream cheese (15g)
2.50 piece
egg (157.5g)
To the video the individual steps also here for you
First, you have to mix the eggs with the cottage cheese, the salt and the psyllium husk powder. The best way of doing this is with a hand mixer, because it can take some time until the cottage cheese is creamy (about 10 minutes).
Then pour some coconut oil to the heated pan and add the pancake mass with a ladle.
Bake the pancakes for about 3 minutes per side.