Gyros with Homemade Tzatiziki

Low Carb

Nutritional value
So many calories & Macro nutrients has a portion
17 gCarbohydrates
42 gProteine
30 gFat
Ingredient list for 1 portion
3.00 ounce
boneless pork shoulder
0.50 piece
red sweet pepper (75g)
4.00 tablespoon
coriander (40g)
1.00 tablespoon
dill weed (10g)
0.33 cup
greek yogurt (4.95g)
0.17 gram
sugar peas
1.00 piece
red chili pepper (5g)
0.50 piece
red onion (75g)
1.00 piece
clove of garlic (3g)
0.33 piece
green zucchini (66g)
1.00 pinch
red pepper powder (1g)
0.50 teaspoon
coconut oil (2.25g)
0.50 teaspoon
cumin (2g)
1.00 pinch
black pepper (0.04g)
1.00 pinch
salt (0.04g)
0.10 piece
cucumber (30g)
3.00 ounce
lamb shank
To the video the individual steps also here for you
In a bowl mix; yoghurt, grated cucumber, chopped garlic, chopped dill, salt and pepper.
Place the homemade Tzatziki aside and move onto the meat.
Cut the Meat, Peas, and Paprika into slices and the Onions into thin rings.
In one pan heat up the coconut oil and fry your Meat, Onions, Paprika, Peas, Zucchini, and Chili.
Season this Gyros mix with Salt, Pepper and fresh herbs.
Finally mix all together and serve with Tzatziki.