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The Weight-Loss-App You Actually Gonna Use!

Motivates you every day. Educates you about weight loss. Simplifies your daily diet. Reprograms your eating habits for long-term success.

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1000+ Success Stories

Well, 80% are women, but it works even for men!

-25 KG / 55 lbs

Chris did way more than just losing 25 KG / 55 lbs because only a few people have it as tough as her but she did it. Early retirement at the age of 51 due to health issues because of the lung d... » Read the interview

-42 KG / 93 lbs

Although he is surrounded by delicious food every day at work, he has lost 42 kg in 6 months (now over 50 kg) and has already motivated many members in the PREMIUM community to lose weight...» Read the interview

MESR - The Holistic Approach!

Weight-loss is easy, but not as simple as "come on, just eat less calories/carbs/sugar", but there are 4 core-principles that keep women from eating less and losing weight.

Developed based on years researching why woman do not eat less over a long period of time and if they do, why they don't lose weight.



  • immediate weight-loss
  • visualizing successes
  • celebrating every step
  • positive affirmation
  • psychological tricks
  • and much more


  • how much to eat
  • what (not) to eat
  • avoiding yoyo-effect
  • avoiding gravings
  • avoiding hunger
  • and much more


  • meal plan
  • auto shopping list
  • fast recipes
  • easy recipes
  • time-saving-features
  • and much more


  • no stress eating
  • less snacking
  • no binge eating
  • no fear of food
  • more love for diet
  • and much more

100% Flexible - We Adjust To YOU!

Eat your personalized meal plan AND/OR add your own food and we calculate how much you ate & what to improve.

On some days

Eat your meal plan, which is individually created for your needs

  • also for working people
  • even for vegans, vegetarians...
  • by your allergies
  • based on your body
  • in your speed
On other days

Eat what you want, add it to the app and we calculate & rate your food

  • Search/scan food
  • Add your own meals
  • find restaurant-meals
  • estimate calories
  • or even our recipes

The Last App You Will EVER Need!

People call us the "swiss-army-knife" of weight loss because we thought of everything you will ever need.

Area 1

Video-recipes & YOUR digital recipe collection

Import our DELICIOUS recipes, as well as your favorite recipes from your books & from the Internet into your cookbook

Minced Beef Pizza
Chicken Breast and Vegetable Wok
Cauliflower and Chicken Casserole
Chia-Strawberry Pudding
Brownie in a Cup
Cloud Bread Sandwich
Tunafish Steak with a Chia-Sesame Crust
Lime balls
Cucumber salad
Salad sandwich
Avocado Cookies
Low Carb granola bars
Gyros with Homemade Tzatiziki
Chili con Carne
Shrimp Thai-Curry
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Cobb Salad in a Jar
Area 2

Personalized meal plan + shopping list

No more thinking, just enter your needs and preferences and we will create the best possible plan.

Area 3

The motivating calorie-counting food-diary

You quickly add what you ate and we will bring you the Aha!-moment "Aha, thats why I don't lose weight"

Our database contains 345.839 ingredients

Many include code to scan, vitamins, minerals etc.

red sweet pepper
green zucchini
medium-sized apple
cow´s milk
raw potatoes
gouda cheese
mixed salad
Coffee black
Area 4

Your digital Weight-Loss-University

Diet calculations, free weight loss tips and our weight loss course.


Connect Apps & Devices

Improve the accuracy of our data by importing data from your calorie- or step-trackers.

Try it now without obligation, what do you have to lose, except for a few pounds?

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