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66 Calorie Chart Fruits

Fruits are healthy, but some have a lot of sugar and calories, so we created a list of fruits, so you can see how much calories, carbs etc they have.

Food Calories Carbohydrates Sugar Fiber Fat Protein
acai berries193 kcal4,40 g4,40 g0,00 g18,00 g4,50 g
apricot42 kcal9,00 g9,00 g1,00 g0,39 g1,00 g
banana98 kcal23,00 g17,20 g2,00 g0,20 g1,10 g
beetroot43 kcal8,40 g6,76 g2,50 g0,17 g1,50 g
blackberry44 kcal6,00 g4,88 g5,30 g0,49 g1,39 g
blueberries42 kcal6,00 g7,40 g4,90 g0,60 g0,60 g
cantaloupe36 kcal8,29 g8,12 g0,80 g0,14 g0,54 g
cantaloupe melon34 kcal7,26 g7,86 g0,90 g0,19 g0,84 g
cherry50 kcal10,58 g8,49 g1,60 g0,30 g1,00 g
clementine47 kcal10,32 g9,18 g1,70 g0,15 g0,85 g
cranberry46 kcal8,37 g4,27 g3,60 g0,13 g0,46 g
date282 kcal67,03 g63,35 g8,00 g0,39 g2,45 g
dried goji berries349 kcal64,06 g45,61 g13,00 g0,39 g14,26 g
figs74 kcal16,28 g16,26 g2,90 g0,30 g0,75 g
grapefruit42 kcal10,70 g6,89 g1,60 g0,14 g0,77 g
grapes67 kcal16,25 g16,25 g0,90 g0,35 g0,63 g
green grapes67 kcal16,25 g16,25 g1,50 g0,35 g0,63 g
green kiwi54 kcal9,10 g9,10 g3,90 g0,60 g1,00 g
guava68 kcal8,92 g8,92 g5,40 g0,95 g2,55 g
jostaberry47 kcal8,50 g8,50 g3,00 g0,20 g0,90 g
kumquat71 kcal9,40 g9,36 g6,50 g0,86 g1,88 g
lemon39 kcal3,16 g1,40 g1,30 g0,60 g0,70 g
limes30 kcal7,74 g1,69 g2,80 g0,20 g0,70 g
mango57 kcal12,50 g13,66 g1,60 g0,50 g0,60 g
medium-sized apple 54 kcal11,40 g10,04 g2,00 g0,60 g0,30 g
nashi pear 42 kcal10,65 g7,05 g3,60 g0,23 g0,50 g
nectarine44 kcal8,85 g7,89 g1,70 g0,32 g1,06 g
orange47 kcal11,80 g9,35 g2,40 g0,12 g0,94 g
papaya35 kcal7,00 g7,82 g2,00 g0,10 g0,50 g
passion-fruit97 kcal12,98 g11,20 g10,40 g0,70 g2,20 g
peaches39 kcal8,04 g8,39 g1,50 g0,25 g0,91 g
pear52 kcal12,13 g9,75 g3,10 g0,14 g0,36 g
persimmon71 kcal13,00 g16,00 g3,60 g0,00 g1,00 g
pineapple50 kcal11,72 g9,85 g1,40 g0,12 g0,54 g
plantain 122 kcal29,59 g15,00 g2,30 g0,37 g1,30 g
plum46 kcal10,02 g9,92 g1,40 g0,28 g0,70 g
pomegranate83 kcal14,70 g13,67 g4,00 g1,17 g1,67 g
raspberry34 kcal4,80 g4,42 g6,50 g0,30 g1,30 g
raw46 kcal10,02 g9,92 g1,40 g0,28 g0,70 g
red currant45 kcal5,00 g5,00 g4,30 g0,20 g1,40 g
rosehips92 kcal17,80 g16,70 g6,00 g0,60 g3,60 g
sour cherry50 kcal10,58 g8,49 g1,60 g0,30 g1,00 g
star fruit31 kcal3,93 g3,98 g2,80 g0,33 g1,04 g
strawberry32 kcal5,68 g4,89 g2,00 g0,30 g0,67 g
tamarillo30 kcal7,25 g7,22 g1,00 g1,03 g1,03 g
tangerine53 kcal11,54 g10,58 g1,80 g0,31 g0,81 g
watermelon37 kcal8,00 g6,00 g0,40 g0,15 g0,61 g
white currant56 kcal9,50 g7,37 g4,30 g0,20 g1,40 g
white wine grapes67 kcal16,25 g16,25 g0,90 g0,35 g0,63 g
wild berries 51 kcal7,70 g5,70 g0,00 g0,80 g1,40 g
wild strawberries 32 kcal5,50 g4,00 g2,00 g0,40 g0,80 g