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113 High-Fiber Foods

A healthy body needs a lot of fiber, but most people do not eat enough fiber, so we created a list of High-Fiber Foods.

Food Calories Carbohydrates Sugar Fiber Fat Protein Fiber per 100 kcal
almond flour633 kcal4,90 g4,60 g14,20 g56,30 g26,60 g2,24 g
almonds584 kcal5,50 g4,50 g13,00 g49,93 g21,15 g2,23 g
artichokes47 kcal5,11 g0,99 g5,40 g0,15 g3,27 g11,49 g
Artichokes, raw0 kcal0,00 g0,99 g0,00 g0,00 g0,00 gnan g
arugula leaf25 kcal2,05 g2,05 g1,60 g0,66 g2,58 g6,40 g
asparagus20 kcal2,00 g1,88 g2,10 g0,12 g2,20 g10,50 g
basil leaves23 kcal1,05 g0,30 g1,60 g0,64 g3,15 g6,96 g
beetroot43 kcal8,40 g6,76 g2,50 g0,17 g1,50 g5,81 g
broccoli34 kcal2,70 g2,70 g3,00 g0,20 g3,80 g8,82 g
brussels sprout39 kcal5,15 g2,20 g3,80 g0,30 g3,38 g9,74 g
caraway seed333 kcal11,90 g0,64 g38,00 g14,59 g19,77 g11,41 g
carrot39 kcal4,80 g4,74 g3,60 g0,24 g0,93 g9,23 g
cashew nuts553 kcal26,89 g5,91 g3,30 g43,85 g18,22 g0,60 g
cauliflower25 kcal2,97 g1,91 g2,00 g0,28 g1,92 g8,00 g
Cauliflower, green, raw22 kcal2,30 g2,00 g3,20 g0,30 g2,95 g14,55 g
cayenne pepper318 kcal29,43 g10,34 g27,20 g17,27 g12,01 g8,55 g
celery14 kcal1,37 g1,34 g1,60 g0,17 g0,69 g11,43 g
celery16 kcal1,37 g1,34 g1,60 g0,17 g0,69 g10,00 g
celery root 26 kcal2,40 g1,34 g4,00 g0,17 g1,50 g15,38 g
chia seeds464 kcal0,90 g0,90 g38,00 g34,00 g20,00 g8,19 g
chickpeas119 kcal15,00 g0,50 g17,00 g6,00 g7,00 g14,29 g
chili powder282 kcal14,90 g7,19 g34,80 g14,28 g13,46 g12,34 g
chives30 kcal1,85 g1,85 g2,50 g0,73 g3,27 g8,33 g
cloves (spices)274 kcal31,63 g2,38 g33,90 g13,00 g5,97 g12,37 g
coconut354 kcal6,23 g6,23 g9,00 g33,49 g3,33 g2,54 g
coconut flour320 kcal20,00 g18,00 g35,00 g14,00 g21,00 g10,94 g
coriander23 kcal0,87 g0,87 g2,80 g0,52 g2,13 g12,17 g
cumin375 kcal33,74 g2,25 g10,50 g22,27 g17,81 g2,80 g
dried cranberries355 kcal86,80 g68,00 g4,60 g0,75 g0,28 g1,30 g
dried thyme276 kcal26,94 g1,71 g37,00 g7,43 g9,11 g13,41 g
eggplant24 kcal2,60 g2,60 g1,50 g0,20 g1,30 g6,25 g
fennel 31 kcal7,00 g3,93 g3,10 g0,20 g1,24 g10,00 g
flaxseed494 kcal7,70 g7,70 g38,00 g37,00 g22,00 g7,69 g
flaxseed flour293 kcal2,50 g2,50 g42,00 g6,60 g35,00 g14,33 g
french beans35 kcal4,66 g3,53 g2,40 g0,00 g2,35 g6,86 g
fresh green cabbage49 kcal5,15 g2,26 g3,60 g0,93 g4,28 g7,35 g
fresh parsley 52 kcal7,40 g0,85 g4,20 g0,79 g4,40 g8,08 g
garlic141 kcal28,40 g22,50 g1,80 g0,10 g6,10 g1,28 g
ginger146 kcal15,77 g1,70 g2,00 g0,75 g1,82 g1,37 g
green asparagus18 kcal2,00 g1,40 g2,10 g0,10 g2,00 g11,67 g
green olive without kernel145 kcal0,54 g0,54 g6,00 g15,32 g1,03 g4,14 g
green onion27 kcal3,94 g3,91 g1,80 g0,47 g0,97 g6,67 g
ground hazelnuts628 kcal7,00 g4,34 g9,70 g60,75 g14,95 g1,54 g
ground nutmeg 525 kcal28,49 g2,99 g20,80 g36,31 g5,84 g3,96 g
hempseeds618 kcal3,30 g1,50 g4,20 g48,75 g32,00 g0,68 g
hokkaido pumpkin70 kcal12,00 g4,00 g2,70 g0,60 g1,70 g3,86 g
horseradish48 kcal7,99 g7,99 g3,30 g0,69 g1,18 g6,88 g
jerusalem artichokes73 kcal15,84 g9,60 g1,60 g0,01 g2,00 g2,19 g
junipers353 kcal21,00 g1,00 g12,00 g13,40 g19,00 g3,40 g
kidney beans106 kcal13,00 g1,85 g6,60 g0,80 g8,40 g6,23 g
kidney, red, mature seeds, canned, solids and liquids295 kcal36,00 g1,00 g21,00 g1,00 g21,00 g7,12 g
kohlrabi27 kcal4,00 g2,60 g3,60 g0,10 g1,70 g13,33 g
lamb's lettuce15 kcal1,57 g0,78 g2,50 g0,15 g1,36 g16,67 g
leeks61 kcal3,50 g3,90 g1,80 g0,30 g1,50 g2,95 g
macadamia nuts 718 kcal5,22 g4,57 g8,60 g75,77 g7,91 g1,20 g
marjoram271 kcal20,26 g4,09 g40,30 g7,04 g12,66 g14,87 g
onion27 kcal4,90 g4,24 g1,80 g0,30 g1,20 g6,67 g
parsnips75 kcal13,09 g4,80 g4,90 g0,30 g1,20 g6,53 g
peanut butter with omega-3 acids655 kcal10,00 g6,10 g6,10 g54,17 g24,47 g0,93 g
peanuts567 kcal7,63 g4,72 g8,50 g49,24 g20,00 g1,50 g
pecans691 kcal4,26 g3,97 g9,60 g71,97 g9,17 g1,39 g
pine nuts713 kcal15,60 g3,60 g3,70 g53,00 g14,00 g0,52 g
pistachio nuts560 kcal16,57 g7,66 g10,60 g45,32 g20,16 g1,89 g
pomegranate83 kcal14,70 g13,67 g4,00 g1,17 g1,67 g4,82 g
psyllium husk powder192 kcal2,20 g0,24 g88,00 g0,24 g1,50 g45,83 g
quinoa, cooked120 kcal18,50 g0,87 g2,80 g1,92 g4,40 g2,33 g
raw potatoes71 kcal14,60 g0,70 g2,40 g0,10 g2,00 g3,38 g
red cabbage31 kcal5,27 g3,83 g2,80 g0,16 g1,43 g9,03 g
red lentils346 kcal50,00 g2,20 g12,50 g1,50 g25,50 g3,61 g
red onion40 kcal7,64 g4,24 g1,70 g0,10 g1,10 g4,25 g
rhubarb21 kcal2,74 g1,10 g2,00 g0,20 g0,90 g9,52 g
romaine lettuce17 kcal1,19 g1,19 g2,10 g0,30 g1,23 g12,35 g
savoy cabbage27 kcal3,00 g2,27 g3,10 g0,10 g2,00 g11,48 g
shallot72 kcal13,60 g7,87 g3,20 g0,10 g2,50 g4,44 g
spinach23 kcal0,60 g0,42 g3,40 g0,39 g3,60 g14,78 g
spinach leaves23 kcal1,43 g0,42 g2,20 g0,39 g2,86 g9,57 g
sugar snap35 kcal2,38 g1,18 g3,50 g0,00 g3,53 g10,00 g
summer, zucchini, includes skin, raw17 kcal2,11 g1,50 g1,00 g0,32 g1,21 g5,88 g
sun-dried tomatoes258 kcal43,46 g37,59 g12,30 g2,97 g14,11 g4,77 g
sweet potato86 kcal17,12 g4,18 g3,00 g0,05 g1,57 g3,49 g
sweet potato (raw)86 kcal17,12 g4,18 g3,00 g0,05 g1,57 g3,49 g
turnip28 kcal4,63 g3,80 g1,80 g0,10 g0,90 g6,43 g
vanilla beans333 kcal0,03 g33,33 g33,30 g0,00 g0,00 g10,00 g
walnut708 kcal5,40 g2,40 g5,00 g67,70 g16,80 g0,71 g
welsh, raw34 kcal4,10 g2,18 g2,40 g0,40 g1,90 g7,06 g
white asparagus20 kcal2,00 g1,88 g2,10 g0,12 g2,20 g10,50 g
white cabbage25 kcal3,30 g3,20 g3,00 g0,10 g1,28 g12,00 g