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Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken Breast

Low Carb

Nutritional value
So many calories & Macro nutrients has a portion
11 gCarbohydrates
45 gProteine
55 gFat
Ingredient list for 1 portion
0.25 piece
red onion (37.5g)
5.00 piece
coriander (1.25g)
1.00 pinch
salt (0.04g)
1.00 piece
1.00 pinch
black pepper (0.04g)
8.00 piece
1.00 piece
tomatoes (50g)
1.00 piece
2.00 tablespoon
1.00 piece
avocado (160g)
To the video the individual steps also here for you
First, make the Guacamole. Peel, pit and halve the avocado and mash it in a bowl with a fork.
Now chop the tomato, the red onion, the jalapenos and the coriander into small pieces, and add everything to the bowl with the avocado. Season with salt, add some lemon juice and mix everything together.
Now you can wash the chicken breast, halve it and pound it a little bit with a meat tenderizer.
Now put the guacamole into the center of the chicken breast and roll it together.
Now put the bacon strips on some plastic wrap foil. Then place the chicken breast in the middle, optionally season with a little bit of pepper and roll the whole thing together.
Heat a pan with some olive oil, remove the plastic foil, and fry the chicken until it is done and the bacon coat appears crisp. Turn the chicken from time to time.
Remove the meat from the pan, cut it into thicker pieces and serve on a plate.