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Oven Baked Chicken Thighs

Low Carb

Nutritional value
So many calories & Macro nutrients has a portion
6 gCarbohydrates
27 gProteine
27 gFat
Ingredient list for 4 Portions
6.00 piece
asparagus (96g)
2.00 piece
1.00 tablespoon
8.00 piece
mushrooms (144g)
1.00 piece
red onion (150g)
1.00 piece
carrot (61g)
1.00 tablespoon
olive oil (13g)
0.50 teaspoon
chili flakes (0.75g)
1.00 tablespoon
0.50 teaspoon
0.50 teaspoon
1.00 pinch
black pepper (0.04g)
1.00 pinch
salt (0.04g)
To the video the individual steps also here for you
Heat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius / 425 degrees Fahrenheit / Gas Mark 7.
Marinate the individual chicken legs in a bowl of salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Mix well with your hands.
Cut the carrot, asparagus, mushrooms, onion and garlic into small pieces and add all of it into a second bowl. Seasoning everything with olive oil, thyme, rosemary, pepper, salt, chili flakes and lemon juice and mix the vegetables well.
Place the marinated chicken legs and vegetables in a baking tray.
Bake the chicken for 20-25 minutes in the oven. Make sure the meat is cooked and the vegetables look crisp.
Serve the finished meal on a plate.