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blueberries Kalorien-Nährwerte

blueberries Calories & Nutritional value

135 nutritional values like carbs, protein etc.

Low Carb
6,00 g
g NET carbs
0,60 g
g protein
0,60 g
g fat
7,40 g
g sugar
4,90 g
g fiber

Is 100 gram of blueberries enough or too much for your daily goal?

e.g. male, 30 years old, 180 cm, 155 lbs, average activity level, goal "maintain your weight"

calories in kcal (42 kcal / 2410 kcal total per day)
carbs in gram (6,0 gram of 112 gram - goal: "personalized low carb" - sign up for ketogenic)
protein in gram (0,6 gram / 56 gram)
fat in gram (0,6 gram / 226 gram)

Burn 100 gram of blueberries

How much you have to work(out) to burn 100 gram of blueberries

calories burned by running running (average speed)
7 minutes
calories burned on your crosstrainercrosstrainer (average speed)
8 minutes
calories burned by bodyweight-workoutweight training with your own body (average intensity)
11 minutes
calories burned by walkingwalking (average speed)
12 minutes
calories burned by riding a bicycle in low intensitybicycle (slow speed)
12 minutes
calories burned by average homeworkhomework (low intensity)
15 minutes

Recipes with blueberries

Super delicious blueberries recipes from Foodabi

Tunafish Steak with a Chia-Sesame Crust
Low Carb Blueberry Cookies
Fruit salad in jelly
Greek yoghurt with fruits and nuts
Blueberry jam
Banana blueberry smoothie with beetroot