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125 Calorie Chart Vegetable

Vegetables are super healthy, but not all are created equal, so there are big differences between vegetables.

Food Calories Carbohydrates Sugar Fiber Fat Protein
artichokes47 kcal5,11 g0,99 g5,40 g0,15 g3,27 g
arugula leaf25 kcal2,05 g2,05 g1,60 g0,66 g2,58 g
asparagus20 kcal2,00 g1,88 g2,10 g0,12 g2,20 g
avocado160 kcal2,30 g0,66 g6,30 g14,66 g1,50 g
baby carrots33 kcal5,50 g4,30 g0,00 g0,30 g0,60 g
basil leaves23 kcal1,05 g0,30 g1,60 g0,64 g3,15 g
beetroot43 kcal8,40 g6,76 g2,50 g0,17 g1,50 g
broccoli34 kcal2,70 g2,70 g3,00 g0,20 g3,80 g
brussels sprout39 kcal5,15 g2,20 g3,80 g0,30 g3,38 g
carrot39 kcal4,80 g4,74 g3,60 g0,24 g0,93 g
cauliflower25 kcal2,97 g1,91 g2,00 g0,28 g1,92 g
Cauliflower, green, raw22 kcal2,30 g2,00 g3,20 g0,30 g2,95 g
celery14 kcal1,37 g1,34 g1,60 g0,17 g0,69 g
celery14 kcal1,37 g1,34 g1,60 g0,17 g0,69 g
celery root 26 kcal2,40 g1,34 g4,00 g0,17 g1,50 g
cherry tomatoes 36 kcal3,70 g2,50 g1,00 g0,10 g0,80 g
chili flakes281 kcal13,00 g10,00 g41,00 g9,90 g15,00 g
chinese cabbage13 kcal1,18 g1,18 g1,00 g0,20 g1,50 g
chives30 kcal1,85 g1,85 g2,50 g0,73 g3,27 g
clove of garlic4 kcal0,99 g0,70 g0,00 g0,00 g0,19 g
coleslaw153 kcal12,99 g12,19 g1,90 g9,91 g0,95 g
coriander23 kcal0,87 g0,87 g2,80 g0,52 g2,13 g
crushed and canned tomatoes32 kcal5,39 g4,40 g1,90 g0,28 g1,64 g
cucumber12 kcal3,13 g1,67 g0,60 g0,11 g0,65 g
eggplant24 kcal2,60 g2,60 g1,50 g0,20 g1,30 g
fennel 31 kcal7,00 g3,93 g3,10 g0,20 g1,24 g
french beans35 kcal4,66 g3,53 g2,40 g0,00 g2,35 g
fresh green cabbage49 kcal5,15 g2,26 g3,60 g0,93 g4,28 g
fresh parsley 52 kcal7,40 g0,85 g4,20 g0,79 g4,40 g
green asparagus18 kcal2,00 g1,40 g2,10 g0,10 g2,00 g
green beans31 kcal4,27 g3,26 g2,70 g0,22 g1,83 g
green chili pepper40 kcal7,96 g5,10 g1,50 g0,20 g2,00 g
green olive without kernel145 kcal0,54 g0,54 g6,00 g15,32 g1,03 g
green onion27 kcal3,94 g3,91 g1,80 g0,47 g0,97 g
green pepper20 kcal2,94 g2,40 g1,70 g0,17 g0,86 g
green zucchini20 kcal2,30 g2,50 g1,10 g0,32 g2,00 g
hokkaido pumpkin70 kcal12,00 g4,00 g2,70 g0,60 g1,70 g
horseradish48 kcal7,99 g7,99 g3,30 g0,69 g1,18 g
iceberg lettuce14 kcal1,77 g1,97 g1,80 g0,14 g0,90 g
jalapeño pepper29 kcal3,70 g4,12 g2,80 g0,37 g0,91 g
jerusalem artichokes73 kcal15,84 g9,60 g1,60 g0,01 g2,00 g
junipers353 kcal21,00 g1,00 g12,00 g13,40 g19,00 g
kidney beans106 kcal13,00 g1,85 g6,60 g0,80 g8,40 g
kidney, red, mature seeds, canned, solids and liquids295 kcal36,00 g1,00 g21,00 g1,00 g21,00 g
kohlrabi27 kcal4,00 g2,60 g3,60 g0,10 g1,70 g
lamb's lettuce15 kcal1,57 g0,78 g2,50 g0,15 g1,36 g
leek26 kcal4,00 g3,90 g2,40 g0,20 g2,00 g
leeks61 kcal3,50 g3,90 g1,80 g0,30 g1,50 g
lettuce13 kcal1,13 g0,94 g1,10 g0,22 g1,35 g
mini cucumber15 kcal3,13 g1,67 g0,50 g0,11 g0,65 g
mixed vegetables24 kcal2,50 g2,30 g4,70 g0,40 g1,90 g
mushrooms22 kcal3,26 g1,98 g2,20 g0,34 g3,09 g
nori paper35 kcal4,81 g0,49 g0,30 g0,28 g5,81 g
onion27 kcal4,90 g4,24 g1,80 g0,30 g1,20 g
parsnips75 kcal13,09 g4,80 g4,90 g0,30 g1,20 g
pointed peppers26 kcal3,93 g4,20 g2,10 g0,30 g0,99 g
pumpkin26 kcal6,00 g2,76 g2,00 g0,10 g1,00 g
radicchio13 kcal1,00 g0,00 g2,00 g0,00 g1,43 g
radish16 kcal1,80 g1,86 g1,60 g0,10 g0,68 g
raw potatoes71 kcal14,60 g0,70 g2,40 g0,10 g2,00 g
red cabbage31 kcal5,27 g3,83 g2,80 g0,16 g1,43 g
red chili pepper40 kcal7,31 g5,30 g1,50 g0,44 g1,87 g
red onion40 kcal7,64 g4,24 g1,70 g0,10 g1,10 g
red sweet pepper38 kcal6,40 g6,40 g3,60 g0,50 g1,30 g
rhubarb21 kcal2,74 g1,10 g2,00 g0,20 g0,90 g
romaine lettuce17 kcal1,19 g1,19 g2,10 g0,30 g1,23 g
sauerkraut19 kcal1,38 g1,78 g2,90 g0,14 g0,91 g
savoy cabbage27 kcal3,00 g2,27 g3,10 g0,10 g2,00 g
seaweed45 kcal8,64 g0,65 g0,50 g0,64 g3,03 g
shallot72 kcal13,60 g7,87 g3,20 g0,10 g2,50 g
shiitake mushrooms34 kcal4,29 g2,38 g2,50 g0,49 g2,24 g
soup vegetables65 kcal8,69 g3,12 g4,40 g0,15 g2,86 g
sour pickle 11 kcal1,06 g1,06 g1,20 g0,20 g0,33 g
spinach23 kcal0,60 g0,42 g3,40 g0,39 g3,60 g
spinach leaves23 kcal1,43 g0,42 g2,20 g0,39 g2,86 g
spring onion32 kcal4,74 g2,33 g2,60 g0,19 g1,83 g
stinging nettle 42 kcal0,59 g0,25 g6,90 g0,11 g2,71 g
sugar snap35 kcal2,38 g1,18 g3,50 g0,00 g3,53 g
sweet potato86 kcal17,12 g4,18 g3,00 g0,05 g1,57 g
sweet potato (raw)86 kcal17,12 g4,18 g3,00 g0,05 g1,57 g
swiss chard19 kcal2,14 g1,10 g1,60 g0,20 g1,80 g
tomato juice (without salt)17 kcal3,13 g2,58 g0,40 g0,29 g0,85 g
tomato mozzarella salad161 kcal3,53 g0,00 g0,85 g13,29 g7,47 g
tomato paste82 kcal14,81 g12,18 g4,10 g0,47 g4,32 g
tomato puree26 kcal3,80 g3,40 g1,90 g0,21 g1,65 g
tomatoes18 kcal3,92 g2,63 g1,20 g0,20 g0,88 g
turnip28 kcal4,63 g3,80 g1,80 g0,10 g0,90 g
watercress11 kcal0,79 g0,20 g0,50 g0,10 g2,30 g
welsh, raw34 kcal4,10 g2,18 g2,40 g0,40 g1,90 g
white asparagus20 kcal2,00 g1,88 g2,10 g0,12 g2,20 g
white cabbage25 kcal3,30 g3,20 g3,00 g0,10 g1,28 g
wild garlic19 kcal0,60 g2,90 g2,30 g0,30 g0,90 g